TeleCommuting Monitoring Service

TCMS (TeleCommuting Monitoring Service) is a data analytics service that aims to increase work efficiency.

Necessity of Telecommuting Management

While the need for telecommuting has emerged as the world has shifted to a free working environment outside of the designated work space, a survey of 167 multinational companies found that 42% are concerned about productivity loss.

As a result, effective management service is desperately needed to prevent work efficiency from deteriorating when working from home or other places to remote.

Maximizing Productivity with TCMS

TCMS’ monitoring technology and its effective data analysis have been developed since 2018.

TCMS opens full of possibilities to increase productivity.

Productivity Enhancement, Strong Security, Cost Reduction

Summary analysis

Analysis of external/internal software usage

Individual Analysis

Visual representation of individual’s data

Deployment Assistance

Effective batch distribution that invovles minimum installation efforts

Special Edition

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Subscription-Based Software Licensing model

Supported OS: Windows (We do not support macOS, Linux, etc.)

For business inquiries, please contact us through our official email: tcms@cgtae.com