Efforts for the society


Employee Welfare Benefits

We provide welfare benefits for our employees. For examplewe offer smart work and core-time work schedules. Walso offer parental and maternal leave, paid holidays, and vacation pay and so on. Moreover, we run a company library for members’ self-improvement and encourages book purchases by providing a subsidy. 

Youth recruitment and Job Creation

We participated in the ‘Youth Digital Job Business’ and ‘Gyeongii-do Youth employment Support Business.’ We employed 5 interns in second half of 2020. We also plan to employees 4 more interns by the end of 2021.    

In the case of Gyeongii-do Youth employment Support Business’, we broke through the competition of 5 to 1 to be finally selected to be a participating company, and we are in the process of hiring.  


Human Resources Management

We manage Human Resources with ‘coHere’ and ‘TCMS (Telecommuting Monitoring Service), powered by our own technologiescoHere’, a revolutionary time-management-tool for knowledge workers, is optimized for the organizational use. Through ‘coHere’, one can proceed with work systematically by planning daily/weekly schedules and share work schedules more efficiently than ever before. TCMS utilizes data from monitoring software usage data. It’s proven to be effective when it comes to telecommuting.